Barcelona Riqui Push has replaced his agent with Arturo Canales

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Barcelona midfielder Riqui Push has replaced his agent with Arturo Canales. The same replacement for Gerard Pique and Xavi Hernandez.

Barcelona midfielder Riki Push, 22, is hoping to find a turning point in his career. By switching his agent to Arturo Canales to take charge of his interests. After having the opportunity to enter the field is not as much as expected. According to reports from Mundo Deportivo on Thursday.

The 22-year-old midfielder, a highly gifted boy from ‘La Masia’, has had the chance to play just 92 minutes this season as Riki Push is not liked by Ronald Koeman, although the Dutch coach. whether or not to leave But the situation was not much different from before. 

According to reports by ufabet , Riki Push switched to hire Canales to take care of his interests and future in his football career. and interestingly. Canales is the agent in charge of senior defender Gerard Pique. The 34-year-old is the same as Al Sadd’s 41-year-old manager Xavi Hernandez as the new boss of Azul Grana.