Virgil van Dijk insists he is only focus in his team.

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Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk insists he is only focus his team. When asked about the perspective of winning the championship. After helping the team kick off the new season with a 3-0 thrashing of Norwich.

The Dutch defender said “It’s amazing. It was a difficult game, although the 3-0 score might seem comfortable. but at that time especially at the end We make ourselves difficult Maybe that’s because we’re tired. Maybe we can be better, we’ll look at it.” Accoeding to a ufabet.

“But to come back to help the children I just hope to keep doing it. and see what happens I want the rhythm of the game But the manager knows, I know, it’s a good start. And now we have time to recuperate for next week.”

“The first day I came back to practice with the team. You have to go back and act normal. like yelling at other people It just needs to be repeated. of normal behavior only I keep looking better during pre-season And this is another big step. Hopefully I can keep doing it.”

“Mentally, it’s difficult. While one day you are perfectly fit. Later you are full of pills. and pain Everyone has their opinion. (to what happened) and you read these because there is nothing to do We have more injuries in key positions. So it can’t play our own game. They did a really good job of getting through it. Hopefully we can build it up. and maintain fitness”

“Our only focus is on the next game. It’s exciting to see the Premier League like this, all the players coming back. And I enjoyed it.”

“I only think about my team. (Asked about winning the title) If we’re fit, we have a good chance. A duel with a world-class striker again and a world-class team When you can’t even guess where you’re going in the end. It was exciting.”