4 benefits of wearing socks to sleep, simple tips to improve your health!

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4 benefits of wearing socks to sleep, simple tips to improve your health!

Letting your feet get cold can be the reason. Why you can’t sleep at night. Because when our feet are cold Blood vessels constrict and reduce blood flow. According to the National Sleep Foundation, keeping your feet warm before bed gives your brain a clear sleep signal that it’s time to sleep and makes it easier to fall asleep.

     The easiest way to keep our feet warm is to wear socks. Wearing socks to sleep is a safe, easy way to keep your feet warm. Warming your feet before bed shortens the time before bedtime and makes it easier for you to nap. This will help improve the quality of sleep. Just choose soft and comfortable socks. and not too loose. Report from สมัคร ufabet

4 benefits of wearing socks to sleep

     In addition to helping to keep the body warm. Wearing socks at night also has additional benefits:

1. Prevent hot flashes

     Wearing socks to sleep Some women find that wearing socks is beneficial in helping to cool the body. and make you feel more comfortable

2. Helps reduce the problem of cracked heels

     Wearing cotton socks can help retain moisture in the skin. For anyone who has problems with cracked heels You may apply cream for the heels or petroleum jelly to add moisture. You can then put on shoes to retain moisture in the heels.

3. Helps reduce the risk of Raynaud’s disease.

     Raynaud’s disease (Raynaud’s disease) is an abnormality of blood vessels and skin. The cause is exposure to cold or stress. Makes the skin pale, cold, or unfeeling. Including sometimes there may be swelling. Wearing socks at night can help prevent the risk of developing this condition. Wearing socks will keep the area warm and help blood flow.

4. Prevent colds

     The problem of cold feet may result in a change in body temperature. Because the problem of cold feet may be caused by decreased blood circulation. and may put us at risk for the common cold. Therefore, wearing socks gives us another way to help prevent colds.

Sleep and body temperature

The biological clock affects the body’s core temperature. which is responsible for controlling sleep time Make people sleepy at night and wake up during the day Body temperature will gradually increase. Increase during the day And will have the highest value in the late afternoon. When people feel fully awake and enthusiastic The body temperature drops during the night. make people feel sleepy When we start to sleep Your body temperature will drop 1-2 degrees because your body is storing energy for other tasks. If we wear socks while sleeping It may also help with the body’s temperature-regulating circuits.

Other benefits of wearing socks to sleep

1. Relieve symptoms of Renaud’s disease.

Having cold hands and feet regularly can be a sign of Renaud’s disease. which is a disease that affects the blood vessels in the skin It usually occurs when a person feels cold or stressed. During the relapse Blood flow to the hands and feet is reduced. As a result, the fingers and toes become cold and numb. They may also turn white or blue. However, wearing socks while sleeping And keeping yourself warm throughout the day can help relieve symptoms.

2. Prevents hot flashes

Many women going through menopause experience hot flashes. which will feel intensely warm It occurs suddenly throughout the body, causing sweating or redness in the face. Wearing socks can help reduce the body’s core temperature during the night. And it can help prevent hot flashes because it’s believed they’re caused by hormonal fluctuations that affect the body’s temperature regulation.

3. Better sex

Research has found that Couples who wear socks in bed are more likely to orgasm during sex. Which explores the brain’s response during lovemaking and found that cold feet prevent people from achieving their dreams. However, this research is relatively small. Because there were only 13 couples participating in the experiment.