3 main cores prepared to be sold by Manchester United.

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The Mirror reports that Harry Maguire, David de Gea and Anthony Martial are set to be sold by Manchester United football team this summer.

The Red Devils return to the spotlight after being thrashed 3-0 by Sevilla in the second leg of their Europa League quarter-final second leg. Resulting in Manchester United not progressing.

Throughout Friday, the British media tried to raise the issue of creating a new team for Erik ten Hag and one of them was selling players. During the summer market Most of them are players who perform poorly UFABET

Most recently, The Mirror correspondent David McDonnell, who follows Manchester football. Reports that Maguire, De Gea and Martial will be hit by the club from Old Trafford sell this summer.

All three have disappointing in recent games with Maguire and De Gea particularly contributing to the goalscoring of the team. While Martial has also disappointing with injuries. again

The report is in line with others suggesting United are ready to make a big cut. With Erik ten Hag looking to build the squad he wants and acquire original players that fit his play style.

However, Maguire has been heavily criticized for his performance against the “Red Devils” due to his poor performance this season. And most recently, he led the team to a 0-4 defeat against Liverpool. A perpetual rival in the “red heat” battle.