Danny Murphy has yet to trust Manchester United’s defense

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Danny Murphy has yet to trust Manchester United’s defense despite Raphael Varane joining the team.

         The Red Devils had a great start to the season with a 5-1 thrashing of Leeds United on Saturday. But in Murphy’s view, United have to play with greater risks after last season’s big games were satisfied with a goalless draw. Ready to reveal that he still does not trust the defensive game, even if he received Waran to add.

         “United did with Leeds as Leeds did with other teams last season,” Murphy wrote in a column for The Mail. The ball came back with intensity and quality in possession.”

         “We all know that Paul Pogba can do something wonderful, four assists against Leeds was a great start to the season. But he has to show consistency if United want to maintain their title race.”

         “Marcus Rashford’s injury means that Pogba can play on the left without much defensive responsibility.”

         “United played very satisfied with the goalless draw against the big teams last season. But to move forward, they may have to take even more risks.”

         “Signing Raphael Varane would help but I’m not sure about their defensively, having the fans come to Old. Trafford seemed to be helping them, and when Leeds equalized, they went straight into gear.