Liverpool were shattered Robertson suffered an ankle injury

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Liverpool were shattered Robertson suffered an ankle injury. Liverpool were shattered when key left-back Andy Robertson suffered an ankle injury during a friendly against Athletic Bilbao. That is with just one week left to kick off the new season.

    Reds open Anfield nest Warm-up, the final match of this summer’s pre-season against Bilbao from Spain.

    As the first half was about to expire, Robertson had to lie down with his ankles. After trying to block the opening ball of Alex Berenger, the rhythm of the kick of the Spanish footballer. The foot flicks to the Scottish national team’s left-back.

    In such a case, Robbo had to be taken by two of the club’s medical teams carrying wings to walk into the tunnel. And the game was over in the first half. Which at halftime Owen Beck, the young left-back, was sent down instead.

    Must be closely monitored that Robertson’s injury will be much more severe. while the Premier League The new season kicks off next week, with the Reds visiting Norwich. according by ufabet