Ruben Sayes replaces Alcaraz due to yellow.

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Southampton boss Ruben Sayes Came out to clarify the replacement of Carlos Alcaraz early in the second half because the football player had a yellow card.

The Southern Saints drew 3-3 with Arsenal in the Premier League on Friday night, with the Saints remaining bottom of the table.

One of the key points was the substitution of Alcaraz from the game at the start of the second half. Although the Argentine midfielder scored 1 goal and 1 assist in the first half.

“Carlos Alcaraz has a yellow card and in times of high pressure he may get a second yellow card. We decided to put more players in [defense].

“We are always preparing to win. The games against City and Arsenal are very difficult games. We are always analyzing performance and we need to have more energy UFABET

“I think we showed high pressing from the start of the game. And sometimes it’s difficult to play against teams like Arsenal and City because of the quality they have.

“We show personality and show what we can do to be proud of the concept. And that’s the direction we have to follow from now on.” Ruben Sayes

The game ended in a draw 3-3, with the artillery still leading the crowd with 5 points over Manchester City. But played more than 2 games and Southampton still ranked last.