How to buy “pork” that is safe for your health

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How to buy “pork” that is safe for your health

Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health Suggestions on how to buy pork that is naturally red. Press it with your finger to see if the meat is flexible, no dents, and must not have clear white granules similar to sago seeds. From a source with certified fresh market standards worth buying or from a stamp on the skin of animals butchered from a slaughterhouse certified by the Department of Livestock Development. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

How to choose frozen pork/pork in the market

  1. Choose meat that is stored in a cabinet or freezer with temperatures below -18 degrees Celsius.
  2. There must be a label showing the name and type of food. Production/packing date Expiry date and place of production/packing
  3. Before cooking frozen meat, take it out and place it in a normal compartment first. In order to relieve the cold Frozen food should not be soaked in hot water. It will make the value decrease.
  4. Pork kept cold at all times It must be naturally red, not bruised and not have a putrid smell. There are no clear white granules similar to sago seeds. Because it is the larva of the tapeworm.
  5. The pork has no other abnormal characteristics such as bumps, lumps, skin that is not too dry or too wet and watery.
  6. Choose to buy pork or products from certified sources, fresh markets worth buying, or reliable sources. Or notice the stamp on the skins that are butchered from slaughterhouses that are certified by the Department of Livestock Development, the “Livestock OK” symbol. 

When cooking it must be washed thoroughly. Especially the dirt that is attached to the fat. If it is very dirty, it should be washed with warm water and then used to dissect the various organs. And cook until thoroughly cooked with heat of at least 70 degrees Celsius for not less than 2 minutes to destroy germs and parasite larvae.