Why is it prohibited to “paint your nails” before undergoing surgery?

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Why is it prohibited to “paint your nails” before undergoing surgery?

Painting your nails is something. That women often do to enhance the beauty of their hands. However, before undergoing surgery Surgeons often recommend. That patients clean their nails or remove their acrylic nails. Do you know why you shouldn’t paint your nails before surgery? Report from https://ufabet999.com

Reasons why you should not paint your nails before surgery

The reason is that nail polish or acrylic nails can interfere with the blood oxygen level measurement. This is important in monitoring the patient’s vital signs during surgery. Additionally, wearing polish or acrylic nails can make it difficult to notice changes in the color of your nails, which can be a sign of health problems. However, there are many options available today for safe, clean nail polish. This allows patients to wear nail polish if they wish. However, you should consult with your doctor before undergoing surgery to be safe.

Although nail polish or acrylic nails no longer affect the blood oxygen readings with Pulse Oximeters, it is still necessary to remove the nails before surgery. This is to prevent acrylic nails or nail polish from slipping into the surgical wound. Which may cause infection. Removing the nail also helps the surgeon check for changes in nail color that could be a sign of an underlying health problem.

Refrain from making up and applying any type of cream before surgery.

Patients undergoing anesthesia must abstain from wearing makeup and creams on their faces. and must be strictly adhered to The reasons for refraining from wearing makeup are as follows:

  • In some cases, breathing equipment must be worn. which must be taped on the face around the mouth To hold the device in the appropriate position If you put on makeup or cream This will cause the adhesive tape of the device to not stick. and risk sliding into an inappropriate position during surgery which can be dangerous
  • Normally, when the human body has low oxygen in the blood, Lip color will change to dark. And during surgery, the doctor must always observe the color of the patient’s mouth. But if the patient wears lip balm This will make it impossible to observe the color of the patient’s mouth. and may be dangerous
  • During surgery, the doctor will close the patient’s eyes completely. Prevents dry eyes and corneal wounds. Therefore it is necessary to avoid applying eyelids. which has the effect of closing the eyes