Solve the question: Can “rats” eat? Are you at risk of disease?

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Solve the question: Can “rats” eat? Are you at risk of disease?

Anyone who has ever driven a car to another province? Especially the line that goes to the northeastern provinces. or Suphanburi area You may have seen a shop on the side of the road that posted a sign selling large field rats. I can honestly confess that I have never stopped to buy one. (I used to buy only Saimai Ayutthaya) but it cannot be denied that these shops probably have some customer base.

Field rats were previously that were seen in the fields and fields. The villagers caught them and cooked them to eat because they didn’t have to spend money to buy them anywhere else. You can eat delicious meat, but should we really consume field or not? Is there any danger to our body? ทางเข้า ufabet has the answer.

Can you eat it?

Normally, we confirm that we can eat. But it should be really cooked. Do not cook raw to kill germs. that may come with rats But most people don’t like to eat it. Because you might think of the origins or living The food that may not be very hygienic. Therefore it is popular to eat field rats. It is more commonly found in gardens and fields outside the home. If cooked and cleaned, you can eat normally as well.

Field rats are considered cleaner than other because they eat plants and live in rice fields. But if it’s a house rat or pipe rat, it will be dirty. Because they eat dirty, spoiled food and have an unpleasant smell. In addition to recommending consumption It is also recommended to eliminate Because this type of rat breeds quickly and bring many diseases

Field rats at risk of disease?

Even though it says we can eat rats But I’m not saying that it’s 100% safe because if it’s not cooked properly, it’s not cooked, or it’s not clean, it may be at risk of contracting various diseases. Including parasites that may come, such as leptospirosis and scrub typhus. Murine typhus, rat parasites, rat lungworms or snail worms, bubonic plague, and others.

People at risk of contracting various diseases from are not just consumers. But it also includes people who catch rats, are bitten or urinated and who dissect. and touch blood Or my pee too.

How to eat rats safely?

If you really like eating It is recommended to choose Noona. Because it’s cleaner than other types of rats. Or maybe the come from a commercial farm specifically. Choose to eat only the meat. or meat attached to the bone You shouldn’t eat offal. Because of the risk of infection or more parasites than the meat And most importantly, it should be cleaned. And always cook it 100% cooked before eating. It will help kill germs.

Benefits of Rats

In fact, the benefits gained from the field mouse are Protein normally obtained from meat. There is still no clear research report that it has any special nutritional value. Or more than other meats such as pork, chicken, or cows? But it is popular because it is meat that villagers can eat among themselves without having to buy it. And the taste is not like pork. or regular chicken It feels like eating rabbit or wild boar meat which will be a little tough. It is suitable for those who like to eat food in the style of wild food. Cooked with strong spicy flavor. and lots of herbs To extinguish the fishy smell