Dean Henderson is infected COVID-19

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Dean Henderson is infected COVID-19. Manchester United reveal why Dean Henderson missed his trip to Scotland Because a player is infected with COVID-19.

The 24-year-old goalkeeper unfortunately suffered an injury on his way to the England squad that led to his withdrawal from Euro 2020, but the player was able to resume training in mid-July.

But on Monday, the Red Devils reported that Henderson had contracted the coronavirus. As a result, there is no name to travel with others in Scotland and is now detained and rehabilitated.

“Dean Henderson will miss Manchester United’s stay in Scotland. As he continues his recovery from COVID-19 which happened 3 weeks ago.

“Hopefully he will be able to train again soon.”

It is considered the loss of the main goalkeeper in a crucial period as the new season is about to begin in less than two weeks. Dino in the second half vying for number one from David de Gea before Played a total of 26 games