Tottenham Hot Spurs insists the firm to keep Harry kane

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Tottenham Hot Spurs insists the firm to keep Harry kane, a further use. Although the players did not report to practice.

The 28-year-old striker’s situation with Golden Spikes is in high demand after the player failed to report to training on Monday. Causing the news to move the team to be heavily engrossed

Still, late on Monday evening, Fabricio Romano reported that Spurs were still clear on their desire to keep the England forward. After just rejecting an offer of 100 million pounds of Manchester City last month.

Although the player wants to move to a team that has the opportunity to win and want to play in the UEFA Champions League. However, with a contract that runs until 2024, the bargaining power falls on the club.

However, City’s corner is still awaiting a response from Spurs. And the Premier League champions are hoping Spikes will change their minds, which will prompt City to move on to Kane.

It is Kane’s latest situation with Spurs, with the new season set to begin on August 14. And each side wants to be clear before the season’s launch.