Messi and Suarez vacation in Ibiza

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Messi and Suarez vacation in Ibiza. Lionel Messi, Argentina National Team Star Vacation with best friend Luis Suarez, Uruguay national team striker. on the island of Ibiza famous sightseeing places.

Messi and Suarez were very close after playing together at Barcelona between 2014 and 2020. Before Suarez left for Atletico Madrid. He just expired contract with Barca and now has not officially signed a new round of contracts.

This summer, Messi and Suarez lead their own national team against each other in the 2021 Copa America before becoming Messi, who helped the Argentina win titles and win the senior national team. The first after having been heartbroken many times.

After completing the mission of the national team Messi and Suarez. Although the field is not on the same team, both the club and the national team. But their friendship led them to vacation together on the island of Ibiza. The famous tourist attractions Spain’s Mediterranean Sea .

Suarez is expected to return to the Atletico to begin the new season in the coming days, while Messi is expected to officially return to signing with Barcelona, ​​according to reports. This page agreed to continue playing at the Camp Nou.